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Synopsis for "Summerkill!"

Practicing his martial arts with Colleen Wing, Iron Fist grows upset having to fight a woman, as they are not fighters in K'un-Lun. Meanwhile, at S.H.I.E.L.D. installation is infiltrated by terrorists who reactivate the Monstroid and set it to target Princess Azir, who is visiting the United States.

Later that day, Danny Rand is invited to join Rafael Scarfe's softball team against an opposing team. Princess Azir is in the crowd watching the game. So when the Monstroid arrives, Danny changes into Iron Fist and fights off the robot, destroying with the power of his iron-fist.

Meanwhile, Hassan the terrorist that was hired to free the Monstroid reports back to his master Bayed, who vows to either make Iron Fist his servant or kill him.


  • This issue features a section in the Bullpen Bulletins column that announces the death of Artie Simek

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