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Synopsis for "Morning of the Mindstorm!"

Iron Fist is attacked by Khumbala Bey, the bodyguard of Princess Azir, who had been shamed when Iron Fist was there to rescue Azir from the Monsteroid when he was not around. After a brief battle, Azir arrives and breaks it up.

When Iron Fist returns to Lee Wing's home, he is attacked by Wing who is acting strange thinking that Iron Fist is a demon, he is stopped. Iron Fist and Rafael Scarfe decide to go looking for Colleen who has been kidnapped. Along the way, the two begin seeing strange illusions and are attacked by the police.

Eventually they come face to face with the illusion caster: Angar the Screamer who attacks Iron Fist with Khumbala Bey, however Iron Fist defeats them both. Stopped before he can kill Angar by Scarfe, Iron Fist finds a clue on Angar's body that could lead them to Colleen: A Stark Enterprises identification card.

This story is continued in Iron Fist #1


  • This is the last issue of Marvel Premiere to feature Iron Fist, the next issue begins a run of Hercules stories.

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