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Quote1.png From now on the Red Skull and all his Nazi nasties had better watch out for the Liberty Legion! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Lo, the Liberty Legion!"

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Synopsis for "Lo, the Liberty Legion!"

Continued from Invaders Vol 1 5.

Bucky storms into a radio station where Patriot is participating in a broadcast and convinces him to offer his airtime so they can put out the word to America's other superheroes to band together and stop the brainwashed Invaders. The message reaches Red Raven, Thin Man, and Olalla, who were taking over a nazi spy plane, Whizzer and Miss America, who were catching saboteurs, and Blue Diamond, whose anthropology lecture had been ambushed by masked nazi terrorists. When they converge on the radio station, one of the engineers reveals himself as a spy and attempts to suicide-bomb the heroes, but the bomb is frozen to his hand by the late arrival Jack Frost. With everyone assembled, Bucky dubs the team the Liberty Legion and vows for them to fight the Red Skull until they can return the Invaders to their senses.

Continued in Invaders Vol 1 6...


  • Credits include special thanks to Boby Vann, technical advisor and archivist.
  • This issue contains a special letters page, "Give me Liberty or Give Me Legion!". Notes on various Liberty Legion characters are given from Roy Thomas.
  • This issue contains a portion of Marvel Value Stamp Series 2, Stamp Vol 1 62.

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