Quote1.png I don't know what you're talking about, Grithstane -- but if you've harmed Velanna, I'll see that you pay for it, but good! Quote2.png
-- Tyndall of Klarn

Appearing in "The Lord of Tyndall's Quest"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Numerous unnamed Dwarves {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Recap}}
  • Nironus (First appearance)
  • Dragon of Klarn {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Death}}

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Synopsis for "The Lord of Tyndall's Quest"

Tyndall heads into a dark forest searching for the Heart of Evil at the behest of dwarves that just wanted to be rid of him. Tyndall realizes this when the Heart of Evil hatches to reveal a girl from Klarn named Velanna. She claims she just fell asleep and ended up in there. Tyndall decides he's better off with someone else like him so he decides to follow her.

They're spied on and captured by an evil sorcerer, Grithstane, who holds Velanna hostage to make Tyndall go to Klarn to retrieve dragon blood that he can use to restore his youth and woo an Elf girl he has captive. Tyndall goes along with it, doing what he must to save Velanna and also excited to see Klarn, but knows he has to do something to save the other girl when he gets back as well. On Klarn, he finds a group of gnomes about to sacrifice another Elf girl to the dragon. He frees her, but she turns out to be a shape-shifting monster. The dragon kills it, and Tyndall slays the dragon in turn, but when he's teleported back to Grithstane's, it turns out the other captive Elf was a Changer too and ate Grithstane anyway. Tyndall and Velanna leave, hoping to find a way to get back to Klarn now that they know where it is.

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