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Synopsis for "The Spawn of Sligguth!"

Dr. Strange is visited by a man named Ethan Stoddard who has come seeking Dr. Strange's help. He explains that his fiance Bethel Doan studied the occult, however, while she continued her studies in her hometown of Starkesboro to study the Thanatosian Tomes.

Traveling to Starkesboro with Ethan, Dr. Strange soon finds that the people of this town are becoming reptilian, and that they worship the creature known as Sligguth. When Stoddard learns that his fiancé had suffered the same fate, he rushes to Strange who is investigating the shrine to Sligguth. There the two are attacked by the townspeople, when suddenly Stoddard changes into one of them as well. Stoddard tells Strange that he was used to lure Strange to town. During Stoddard's surprise attack, Strange is knocked out, however when he comes too, he finds that he is to be thrown into the labyrinth under the church as sacrifice to Sligguth.

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Serpent-men and shadows! Dr. Strange vs. - the Spawn of Sligguth!


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