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Synopsis for "Nightmare's Evolution"

During Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Tigra receives a warning from the ghost of Dr.Tumolo that "Tabur has the ray". Relaying this to the Cat People, she learns that they possess a rare ability to sacrifice their own lives to warn loved ones of grave danger in this fashion. She learns that the "ray" was developed by Dr.Leon to give Tigra a way to return to human form, but it has been appropriated by Tabur, an embittered castaway New Man the Cat People had taken in. Tabur modifies the ray into a de-evolving weapon and goes on a rampage through the city turning humans and animals into their pre-historic counterparts. Tigra and the Cat People rush to the surface to combat Tabur. Though many Cat People are turned into sabretooth tigers, Tigra is able to keep them on her side and together they defeat Tabur, using the ray to return him to the form of an ordinary housecat. Afterwards, Tigra wishes Dr.Tumolo were still around to see how things change now that the Cat People have revealed themselves to the public.


  • Plot by Warner and Hannigan, script by Hannigan.
  • Tigra last appeared in Marvel Team-Up #67

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