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Quote1 The only persuading you're going to do, punk, is convincing the dentist to put all of your teeth back in the right place! Quote2
Scott Lang

Appearing in "To Steal an Ant-Man!"

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Synopsis for "To Steal an Ant-Man!"

As Scott, dressed as Ant-Man, fights several Cross security guards, he thinks about how he got into this predicament. Recently paroled after serving time for burglary, he reveled in both his new job at Stark International and once again being a father to his daughter Cassie. Unfortunately, she developed a rare heart ailment, draining Scott's financial resources and making him contemplate a return to crime. He learns of Erica Sondheim's experimental approach to heart surgery; seeking her out, he sees her being abducted by several men, including an unseen figure with a rather oversize hand. Tracing them to Cross Technical Enterprises, he despairs of being able to break into such a secure complex. In a quest to get some quick money, he burglarizes, by coincidence, the home of Henry Pym -- finding, instead of cash or jewels, Pym's old Ant-Man costume. Inspired to try it out, Scott quickly masters the shrinking technology and the cybernetic helmet enabling him to talk to ants. Breaking into CTE, he finds Dr. Sondheim finishing a surgical operation. Back in the present, the fledgling hero has despatched the last of his foes when he is confronted with the giant mutated form of Darren Cross.


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