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Synopsis for "The Price of a Heart!"

Scott Lang, the new Ant-Man, attempts to get Dr. Sondheim out of the clutches of the mutated Darren Cross. However, he underestimates Cross' enhanced abilities and is defeated. His equipment disabled, Scott listens as Cross explains his heart condition and the implantation of a "nucleorganic pacemaker." The device backfired, not only slowly mutating him into a Neanderthal-like giant but also wearing out his heart, necessitating periodic transplants from unwilling donors. Learning he is to be next in line to be a "donor" Scott manages to fix his equipment and escape, busting back into the surgical theatre just as Dr. Sondheim finished another operation. Ant-Man fights Cross, who suddenly falls dead; Dr. Sondheim tearfully explains that she couldn't let Cross keep killing people, so she put his original, nearly-worn heart back in. Ant-Man comforts her and tells her that a little girl (his daughter Cassie) needs her help. After the successful operation on Cassie, Scott is prepared to surrender and go back to prison, but Henry Pym (who had watched most of the adventure from a discreet remove) demurs, awarding Scott the Ant-Man costume.


Ant-Man next appears in Iron Man Vol 1 125


Scott proves himself to be a fan of "The Avengers" (the British spy show, not the superhero group) in naming his ant companions "Steed" (after John Steed) and "Emma" (for Emma Peel). Of course, Steed almost never used her given name, so Scott really should have dubbed his flying ant "Mrs. Peel."

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