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Oshtur (Earth-616) from Mystic Arcana Sister Grimm Vol 1 1 001.jpg
Who calls upon the undying Visanti?
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Agamotto (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Vol 1 32 0001.png
It is Stephen Stange--Disciple of our revered servant, the Ancient One!
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Oshtur (Earth-616) from Mystic Arcana Sister Grimm Vol 1 1 001.jpg
Then let us appear to him--but not as we truly are--for no mere mortal mind could comprehend us then--not even his!
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Hoggoth (Earth-616) from Secret Defenders Vol 1 25 001.jpg
Let us then be seen in these fleshly guises--and thus save his sanity!
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Appearing in "The Lurker in the Labryinth!"

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Synopsis for "The Lurker in the Labryinth!"

Prisoner of the Spawn of Sligguth, Dr. Strange is met by Sligguth itself and the Spawn's priestess Ebora. Ebora explains that the Spawn of Sligguth is working with their master in order to free Shuma Gorath, an ancient creature that plots to rule over the Earth.

Breaking free, Strange battles Sligguth, while in the Ancient One's sanctum, the Ancient One is captured by the Shadowmen of Kaa-U, while Clea and Wong watch from the Orb of Agamotto in New York. Back in Starksboro, Strange's battle with Sligguth leads him into the creature's labyrinth where he begins to weaken and falter. Strange summons the spirits of the Vishanti, but they refuse to help, citing that if humanity is to be saved from Shuma Gorath it will be by one of their own.

Strange resumes his battle with Sligguth and manages to bind the creature, however it manages to escape when Ebora casts a spell to summon minions to help her master causing the cavern to flood, and putting Dr. Strange at risk of drowning.

Solicit Synopsis

Dr. Strange lives!


  • Features concepts created by Robert E. Howard.
  • Clea magically rebuilds the Orb of Agamotto after its destruction, which had not been depicted in the story.

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