Quote1 No, I've a better idea. Why don't I keep the launch you came in for payment--And you can all dog paddle back to shore! Quote2
-- Dominic Fortune

Appearing in "The Big Top Barter Resolution"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Spencer Keene

Other Characters:

  • Big Earl
  • Glory
  • Erik the Lion Tamer
  • Katrina
  • The Amazing Cephallo
  • Boffo the Clown




Synopsis for "The Big Top Barter Resolution"

In spring of 1938, a young Dum Dum Dugan bets his circus at the tables of the Mississippi Queen and loses to the house, leading to a brawl between him and thugs working for Spencer Keene, who had been trying to buy the circus from him. Dominic Fortune helps quell the fight in exchange for Sabbath forgiving his debts. When he hears Dugan's story, he opts to help get the circus back, and when Sabbath meets Keene and finds out what a creep he is, she agrees to go along with it and soon Dominic is lending his acrobatic talents to the circus to help Dugan earn the money needed to buy it back for himself.

Keene, who only really wanted the circus so he could use the Amazing Cephallo's psychic abilities to help crack the booby-trapped safe his father left him, instead schemes to create a distraction at the circus and kidnap Cephallo. He ends up with Cephallo's assistant Glory, but his disappointment turns when he realizes Glory had the real psychic powers of the team. However, just as she opens the safe for him, Dominic and Dum Dum catch up and Dugan throws the safe into the water before its trap explodes. Dominic then catches the fleeing Keene. Later, a movie producer who saw the action pays Sabbath a fee to hire Glory, which Sabbath accepts as Dugan's debt, so she turns the circus back over to him.


  • Plot by Wein and Chaykin, script by Michelinie.
  • Layouts by Chaykin, finishes by Austin.
  • Dominic Fortune last appeared in Hulk! #25

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