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Synopsis for "The Shambler from the Sea!"

Dr. Strange frees himself from the labyrinth of Sligguth, and defeats Ebora before fighting Sligguth once more. Strange manages to best the creature in combat and then drowns the ancient demon by plugging its gills. However as Sligguth's dead body sinks to the bottom of the sea, N'Gabthoth (Aka the Shambler from the Sea) comes to life and begins to it's way to the surface.

Wong and Clea arrive in Starksboro where they meet Johnny Frames, who is the real fiancé of Deborah, the three are captured by the Spawn of Sligguth and prepared to be offered as a sacrifice to Shuma Gorath. Dr. Strange comes to rescue them and must battle N'Gabthoth. The Ancient One, now a prisoner in the city of Kaa-U (who's people worship Shuma Gorath) sends his astral form to help Strange battle N'Gabthoth. Strange manages to fight off and eventually destroy N'Gabthoth, preventing it from escaping with an ancient map of Stonehenge in England.


  • Features concepts created by Robert E. Howard.
  • Inks (story pages): Reese (uncredited) pages 1 and 2, Buscema 3-20.[2]

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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