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Synopsis for "The Shadows of the Starstone!"

With N'Gabthoth defeated, Strange leaves for England right away to prevent the next step in the revival of Shuma Gorath. In England, Henry Gordon is the inheritor of his uncle Jed's mansion Witch House, which is still looked after by his uncles housekeeper Blondine. He learns of his uncles research of the occult, and soon reads about Shuma Gorath and eventually finds the Star Stone located out on the property.

Seeking the location of the next item on Uncle Jed's list of artifacts, Henry and Blondine take a boat out into the water and find an undersea kingdom, and the demon Dagoth, who attacks them. However, they are rescued by Dr. Strange who is able to fight off the creature. Taking the two back to Witch House, Strange probes Blondine's mind and learns that she is the reincarnation of one of the original inhabitances of the city they had found.

While Strange and Henry rest, Blondine takes the Star Stone under a mystical lens that turns everyone in the town into slaves of Dagoth, who plans to sacrifice all to Shuma Gorath.

Clea and Wong arrives, and Clea uses her mystic abilities to free Strange from the control of the Star Stone, and he in turn frees everyone else from it's control. Battling Dagoth again, Strange banishes the creature to another dimension. All returning to Witch House, Strange realizes too later that the house had been protected by a mystic spell.

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Dr. Strange—hot on the trail of world-devouring Shuma-Gorath!


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