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Synopsis for "The Doom That Bloomed on Kathulos!"

Defending his friends and eventually stopping the mystical trap set upon them inside the Witch House, Doctor Strange uses his power to destroy the haunted place. He then set's about his next mission: To go to Stonehenge, alone, in spite of Clea's misgivings.

Traveling there, Strange battles a number of winged demons sent by another agent of Shuma Gorath: Kathulos. Defeating the demons in battle, Strange is able to transport himself to Kathulos' realm via a portal through Stonehenge. There he finds that Kathulos is actually an entire planet, manifesting himself as a Venus flytrap as a human head. Kathulos informs Strange that he is on a distant planet and the whole episode was a trap to get Strange as far away from Earth as possible. Strange battles Kathulos, and eventually cuts off the creatures source of power, causing it to wilt and die.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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