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Synopsis for "The Doom That Bloomed on Kathulos!"

Inside Witch House, Doctor Strange uses his powers to defend his friends from the walls and furniture which have been magically animated to attack them, and he eventually gets them all safely outside, then calls upon the Vishanti to destroy the bewitched building and the evil spirit that had taken possession of it. Once that is done, Henry announces that he and Blondine are going to stay and build a simple dwelling for them both where no evil shall ever enter. Doctor Strange then departs on his next mission: To go to Stonehenge, alone, in spite of Clea's misgivings.

After arriving at Stonehenge, Strange battles a number of winged demons and slays them all. He then senses the awful evil of the agent of Shuma-Gorath who sent the demons, Kathulos, who focuses its necromantic rays on Strange, projecting beams of starlight that wrap around Strange and pull him through interdimensional spaces to a strange alien world.

Strange discovers that the whole planet is alive and is then confronted by Kathulos who manifests as a humanoid head within the mouth of a giant Venus flytrap. Kathulos informs Strange that he is the planet itself and has used the powers granted to him by Shuma-Gorath to bring Strange there to die. Kathulos then prevents Strange's magicks from working and decides to amuse himself by killing the human slowly. When Strange proves to be a worthy enemy, Kathulos paralyzes Strange as he prepares to absorb him. Strange is unable to resist as his essence is absorbed through some form of psychic symbiosis but, at the last moment, he becomes as one with Kathulos and learns that Kathulos can not resist his magic while absorbing him. Strange then casts the Crimson Crystals of Cyttorak at Kathulos, fatally wounding the plant from which the spirit draws its sustenance. As the plant quickly withers and dies, Strange finds himself the only living thing on the planet and realizes that, in dying, Kathulos has triumphed because Strange is now marooned there, far from Earth, and unable to stop Shuma-Gorath from rising.


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