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Squirrel Girl

Appearing in "Marvel Rising: Part 0"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Squirrel Scouts
  • Doreen's students
    • Rafael Figueroa (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Ember Quade (First appearance)
    • Diwas Arya (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Danilo Chua (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Naveah Carter (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Numerous unnamed others


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Marvel Rising: Part 0"

Kamala Khan’s high school class is being given a tour of the Stark Institute for Technical Excellence by Doreen Green, when a squad of AIM agents bursts into the building and begins scanning all of the children for superhuman genetic markers. Doreen and Kamala both slip away to change into their costumed identities of Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel, and they team up to defeat the AIM agents, instantly becoming fast friends. One agent, however, manages to escape and transmit the genetic information to a mysterious benefactor, who is pleased to learn that one of the students, a young anti-social girl named Ember Quade, is an Inhuman with untapped electrical and energy powers.

Solicit Synopsis


This April SQUIRREL GIRL meets MS. MARVEL – for the very first time! When Doreen Green (also known as the unbeatable Squirrel Girl) volunteers as head counselor for an extra-curricular computer programming camp, little does she know that junior counselor Kamala Khan moonlights as crime fighting super hero Ms. Marvel! But this coding camp is more than just ones and zeros when A.I.M. makes an appearance! Will our heroes be able to save the campers without blowing their secret identities?

Join Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, America, Inferno, and Patriot as they learn exactly what it means to be a young hero in the Marvel Universe – and what it means to be a hero to each other.


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