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Synopsis for "Book XI: Days of Power!"

In this issue, the following events are recounted:

  • The X-Men's first battle against Magneto
  • Tony Stark hiring Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts onto the Stark Industries staff, and Iron Man's first battle against Jack Frost.
  • Thor's continued struggle to reveal to Jane Foster his true identity, and his battle against the Lava Man.
  • The Fantastic Four's trip to ancient Egypt to find a cure for Alicia Master's blindness, which led them into a battle with Rama-Tut, a time traveler who would eventually become the Scarlet Centurian, Kang the Conqueror, and Immortus.
  • Thor's battle against the Cobra, and the Human Torch's solo adventure against the Acrobat who had disguised himself as Captain America.
  • The X-Men's battle against the Vanisher, and Henry Pym's evolution into Giant-Man.
  • The Avenger's battle with the Space Phantom, which would end in the Hulk quitting the team.
  • The Watcher summoning the Fantastic Four and sending them to stop the Molecule Man.
  • Iron Man's battle against Mr. Doll, which would lead to the development of a new suit of armor.
  • The Vulture's rematch with Spider-Man which would lead to a battle inside the Daily Bugle building, and the further development of Peter Parker's relationship with Betty Brant.
  • The first appearance of the Hate Monger, and the Fantastic Four and Nick Fury's battle against the foe. The revelation that the Hate Monger is a clone of Adolf Hitler, created by Arnim Zola.
  • Iron Man's battle against the Angel.
  • Finally, the Avenger's manhunt for the Hulk, which would lead to the Hulk's first team-up with the Sub-Mariner.


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letter column, temporarily called Marvel Saga's Letter Column Without a Name. A letter is published from Bill Middleton.

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