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  • Celestial ship


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Synopsis for "Book I: The Saga Begins...!"

The first issue in a series telling the history of the Marvel Universe in chronological order. This issue tells the events of:

  • The origins of the Universe, including Galactus, the Watchers and the Kree/Skrull conflict.
  • The birth of the Eternals and Deviants on Earth.
  • The birth of the Inhumans on Earth.
  • The great cataclysm that sank ancient Atlantis and the early adventures of Conan.
  • The early adventures of Hercules
  • The original Black Knight's adventures in Camelot
  • The adventures of the wild west heroes Two-Gun Kid, the Phantom Rider, Kid Colt, and the Rawhide Kid.
  • World War I, and the adventures of the original Union Jack.
  • The World War II adventures of Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos and the Invaders.
  • The fates of Captain America, Namor and Nick Fury after the war.
  • The early pre-super-hero careers of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Donald Blake, Charles Xavier, Stephen Strange, Matt Murdock, and Peter Parker.
  • The early days of Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, Benjamin Grimm, and Victor Von Doom before the formation of the Fantastic Four.
  • Retelling the origin of the Fantastic Four and their first battle against the Mole Man.
  • The events that led to James Hudson and Heather McNeil quitting Am-Can industries, and the formation of the Guaridan armor, and their meeting with Logan, who is fated to become Wolverine.
  • The murder of Henry Pym's first wife, and how it led him to create the formula which would lead to him becoming the Ant Man.
  • This issue wraps up with a partial retelling of the Skrull's first attempt to take over modern day Earth by framing the Fantastic Four for various criminal activities.


  • Wraparound cover.

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