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Synopsis for "Book IV: Of Gods and Mutants!"

Continuing a telling of the history of the Marvel Universe in (near) chronological order, this issue covers the following events:

  • Professor Xavier's first meeting with FBI Agent Fred Duncan, and the public display of Scott Summer's mutant powers.
  • A retelling of Charles Xavier's origins, his rivalry with his step-brother Cain Marko. His romance with Moira MacTaggert. The birth of the Juggernaut. The end of Charles' relationship with Moira and his battle against Amahl Farouk in Cairo. Xavier's first meeting with Magnus in Israel, and their rescue of Gabrielle Haller, who was targeted by Hydra for the location of lost Nazi gold. Finally Xavier's crippling at the hands of Lucifer and his training of Jean Grey in the use of her powers.
  • Retelling the origins of Scott Summers, including his brother Alex (Havok) and his father Christopher Summers who would become Corsair of the Starjammers. Scott being manipulated by Jack O'Diamonds, and subsequent rescue by Xavier, which led to Scott becoming the first X-Man -- Cyclops.
  • Donald Blakes travel to Norway where he would find the hammer which would change him into Thor in time to defeat the invading Kronans.
  • Thor's origins, telling how he was born of Odin and Gaea, Earning the right to wield Mjolnir and the events that led to him being banished to Earth and being trapped in the mortal guise of the lame Donald Blake.
  • The creation of Hank Pym's identity of Ant Man, and his first adventure as a costumed crime fighter.
  • Donald Blake's travels to Latin America, where as Thor, he would battle the Executioner.
  • Finally, the Sub-Mariner's first team-up with Dr. Doom which saw the Baxter Building (With the Fantastic Four inside) launched into space.


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