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Synopsis for "Book V: Terror in the Skies!"

In this fifth chapter, recounting the (nearly) chronological history of the Marvel Universe, the following events are retold:

  • Dr. Doom and the Sub-Mariner's plot to launch the Baxter Building into space, and Doom's betrayal of Namor, and Namor aiding the FF in defeating Doom and returning the Baxter Building to Earth.
  • The Hulk being sent out in a space capsule and being bombarded with radiation which puts the Hulk under Rick Jones' control, and their subsequent battle with the Circus of Crime (With background of the origins of the Ringmasters circus.)
  • Loki's first modern day battle with Thor in New York, and a look into the origins of Loki.
  • The birth of the Angel, and Warren Worthington III's early costumed career before being inducted into the X-Men.
  • Ant Man's battle against Comrade X/Madam X.
  • The FF being manipulated into exile to Planet X where they help Kurrgo in getting his people off Planet X to a new world. When Kurrgo tries to take advantage of the situation, he is left behind on the dieing planet.
  • The Human Torch's solo adventures against the Destroyer and the Wizard.
  • Finally the moment in which Bobby Drake unleashes his mutant freezing powers for the first time in public.


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