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Quote1.png What should I call you--? Johnny Blaze? Ghost Rider?! Little difference it makes--since you are now in the hands of Witch Woman--whose intentions it is to deliver your soul to it's rightful owner--Satan!! Quote2.png
Witch Woman (Linda Littletrees)

Appearing in "Season of the Witch-Woman!"

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Demons (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for "Season of the Witch-Woman!"

Easily subduing and binding Ghost Rider, Witch-Woman reveals her origins to Ghost Rider: How she had gone to college, and there she had met Jennifer Glatzer a Satanist. Glatzer got Linda involved in Satanism under the pretense of harmless fun. However, she soon became a sacrifice that they offered to Satan, and Linda's soul was put in forfeit.

While revealing her origins, Ghost Rider manages to break free and make an escape. Believing she can stop Ghost Rider, Satan appears and tells her that she had failed. Bearing no more from Witch Woman, Satan forces her to turn her own Satanic power on herself in front of Blaze as both punishment and a warning. With the sun rising, Ghost Rider changes back into John Blaze and he races off to check on Roxanne's condition.


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