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Quote1.png But you must hear them, father -- or have you forgotten that I posses the Sacred Trident -- made of Netheranium, the one substance which can sap you of your powers?! Quote2.png
Son of Satan (Daimon Hellstrom)

Appearing in "The Son of Satan!"

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  • Chain of Ankhs (Only in recap)
  • Sacred Trident (First appearance)
  • Netheranium (First appearance)


Synopsis for "The Son of Satan!"

Freeing Daimon Hellstrom from his self imposed imprisonment, Sam Silvercloud and Snake Dance are surprised to find Daimon in his Son of Satan identity. Summoning his chariot, Son of Satan then seeks out Witch Woman and Ghost Rider. Tracking down Roxanne Simpson, he saves her momentarily from the Ruthless Riders and their leader Big Daddy Dawson, but leaves her to her own fate when she doesn't know what happened to those he seeks.

Traveling to Hell, Son of Satan is attacked by his fathers minions, however Son of Satan manages to fight off the demons, and save Ghost Rider and Witch Woman and return them to Earth's dimension, there Son of Satan leaves the two to seek out their own fate, flying off into the sky on his chariot.


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