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Synopsis for "When Satan Walked the Earth"

Returning home after aiding the Ghost Rider in opposing his father, Daimon arrives at his home at Fire Lake. Entering his home he finds that demons have crossed the portal to Hell that is in the home's basement. Fighting off the demons, Hellstrom decides that he must reflect on his origins in order come up with a way of defeating his evil father once and for all.

Pulling up his mothers old diary, reads over the events the led him to be a master of the occult:
His mother, Victoria Wingate was met by a man who turn out to be Satan, he would seduce her and they would marry and she would birth him two children: Daimon and Satana. However, when Victoria walked in on her husband teaching Satana how to conduct a Satanic sacrifice, she would be driven insane and her children split up and put in separate homes. Victoria would protect herself with a mystical ankh bracelet.

On Daimon's 21st birthday he would inherit his parents home on Fire Lake, and would discover his mother's diary and learn the truth about his origins. Daimon would travel to Hell through the doorway, and after briefly exploring Hell, would confront his father and battle him -- rejecting his destiny to be the Anti-Christ. During the battle, Daimon would seize control of his father's Netheranium trident, and use it to summon a hellish chariot to escape Hell, vowing to stop his father one day.

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