Appearing in "4000 Holes in Forest Park!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Judy & Dave, a couple in the park
  • Alan Crandall (First appearance)
  • St. Louis policemen
  • fishermen




Synopsis for "4000 Holes in Forest Park!"

When 4000 holes mysteriously appear in Forest Park, a cult known as the Legion of Nihilists, recognizing their significance begins to congregate around these mysterious holes. Learning of this, Daimon, Katherine, and Byron go to investigate. However, upon arrival at the park, the Nihilists recognize Daimon's true nature and attack him, forcing him to change into Son of Satan. As Son of Satan battles the Nihilists, hellfire from his trident strikes one of the holes, which causes a chain reaction which creates Kometes, a hellfire serpent. Son of Satan tries to destroy the beats but it proves to be too strong.

Returning back to his study, he, Katherine and Byron research the origins of Kometes, and learn that the creatures arrival would herald an age of destruction. As the records of Kometes date back 20,000 years, Daimon uses his powers to transport the three of them to pre-cataclysm Atlantis. Materializing on a boat, Son of Satan allows for them to be captured as in doing so they would be brought into Atlantis itself.

This story is continued next issue...

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