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Daimon and Katherine are invited out to a party being held by Dr. Wilfred Nobel, where Daimon is recognized as a famous exorcist and deflects questions from the other party guests. Later that night, while outside for some fresh air, Daimon finds Wilfred's dog, Cerberus, dead -- killed by some unknown attacker.

Later that night, after the party, Daimon is awoken by a phone call from Katherine telling him that after the party Wilfred's home burned to the ground. Investigating as Son of Satan, he probes the wreckage and learns that Wilfred died in the inferno, and that the fire was deliberately set by a woman who was possessed by the demon.

Daimon tracks the demonic presence to the home of the Manners family, where he offers aid for their daughter Melissa who is the one possessed by the demon. After learning that the possession happened after they caught Melissa home alone with a boy, Daimon confronts the possessed girl. The demon introduces itself as Allatou, and attacks Daimon.

After a brief struggle, Daimon manages to drive the creature from the girls body, however it had simply left Melissa's body and possessed her father, Albert, who bursts in the room with a meat cleaver, poised at killing Daimon.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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