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Synopsis for "Demon, Demon--Who's Got the Demon?"

Continued from last issue... Katherine Reynolds is attempting to get a hold of Daimon, however she only succeeds in drawing the attention of reporter Daniel Alan Crandall who decides to follow Katherine when she brushes him off to try and find Daimon. Daimon himself finds himself fighting off the Allatou-possessed Alan Manners, which he easily over powers, but the demon repossesses Melissa. Grabbing Mary, Daimon traps Allatou in the room with an ankh barrier and begins to contemplate a way to free the Manner's from Allatou's machinations.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Daniel arrive at the ruins of Dr. Nobel's house. There they are confronted by neighbors who tell them of Daimon's arrival and subsequent trip to the Manner's house down the road. While at the Manners residence, Daimon is forced to confront Allatou again when the creature begins slowly torturing the body of Melissa Manners with the intent of eventually killing her. Locked in battle against Allatou, who keeps Daimon occupied by switching bodies, Katherine and Daniel arrive on the scene.

When the demon possesses Daniel's body, Daimon finally manages to get it on the defensive, and threatens to trap it in a mortal body unless it ceases it's plan. Allatou, fearful of being trapped in mortal form departs.

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