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Synopsis for "The Fool's Path!"

When student Christine Sandt is given an impromptu invite for a fortune telling by Madame Swabada, she asks Katherine Reynolds and Daimon Hellstrom to come along with her. They all go together, and Madame Swabada gives them their fortune drawn from a deck of Tarot cards, after the reading Daimon pronounces the reading a fake, and Swabada goads him into changing into Son of Satan, however his powers falter and all decide to leave her fortune telling parlor. Outside, Daimon is attacked by a pack of wild dogs, a literal representation of one of the cards drawn from the desk. Turning around to attack Swabada after, Daimon and the others are shocked to find her front boarded up as if it was unused for years.

Driving back to the university, they are then attacked by a giant devil, which grabs both Daimon and Katherine from the car, however leaves Katherine on a rooftop while it drops Daimon into the home of the Legion of Nihilists. After a battle against the Nihilists, Daimon suddenly feels weak and passes out on the floor.

This story is continued next issue...


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