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Synopsis for "Mourning At Dawn!"

Continued from last issue... As Madam Swabada taunts Katherine and Christine of Daimon Hellstrom's imminent demise, Daimon himself awakens in the mansion home of the Legion of Nihilists, and just barely manages to avoid being stabbed by seven swords, and escapes their mansion.

Returning to his home, he finds that the Legion of Nihilists had come and murdered the doorman, instead of being questioned by the police, Daimon storms off leaving Christine and Katherine to sort things out with Detective Quinn. Daimon finds shelter in a nearby church and learns that Madam Swabada resided in a tower nearby. Meanwhile, Katherine and Christine learn that her father (a tabloid writer) wrote a story claiming Madam Swabada as a fake and Hellstrom as the genuine article.

When Daimon gets to the tower, he finds Swabada who explains the whole situation to him, and that Sandt's negative review caused her to suffer a fatal heart attack. She then attacks Daimon, which causes damage around. Having possessed his body and clouded his mind, the police begin trying to apprehend Daimon who appeared to them as though he was going on a rampage. Daimon manages to evade capture for a short while until he's grazed by a bullet and eventually knocked out by a police man who gets the drop on him.

The police put his unconscious body in the back of their squad car and ride away, however as they drive away, a shocked Daimon watches from the side of the road. This story is continued next issue...

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