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Synopsis for "Journey Into Himself!"

Continued from last issue: Trapped in a coma by Madam Swabada, Daimon Hellstrom's body is brought to the police station, where Detective Alex Quinn and Chrstine Sandt wait helplessly as Katherine Reynolds tries to snap Daimon out of his coma.

In the astral plane, Daimon is attacked by Madam Swabada, who sends him on a surreal trip where he is met and attacked by his various friends and enemies. The purpose of the trip was to split Daimon from his Darksoul in the hopes of destroying both. However, when Sabwada uses an illusion of his sister Satana to split the two entities, Daimon manages to convince his Darksoul to work with him as opposed to against him.

The two aspects of Daimon re-merge, and use their combined power to exorcise Madam Swabada once and for all. With Swabada defeated, Daimon awakens from his coma and recounts the episode to his allies. He reflects on how the whole experience was proof of Swabada's prediction having come true: Daimon had taken on his greatest challenge ever, and succeeded.

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