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Returning home after a stint with the Defenders, Son of Satan is attacked by Father Darklyte, leader of the Legion of Nihilists, who creates a creature called Trog to attacked Daimon. Daimon defeats the monster, and Darklyte disappears. The next day at the university, Byron joins Daimon and Katherine for lunch and tells them the people have been threatening his Friary with violence if Byron is not expelled over his involvement with Daimon Hellstrom. Believing that the Legion of Nihilists have something to do with it, the three agree to investigate the Legion's headquarters.

There they are confronted by Darklyte once more who creates a griffin to attack them, prompting Daimon to change into the Son of Satan. Although Daimon eventually kills the beast, it manages to kill Katherine in it's initial attack. Lashing out at Darklyte, the mysterious man of contradictions creates 8 living copies of Katherine before disappearing again.

Son of Satan responds by using his Trident to learn which Katherine is the most real, and cremates the rest in hellfire, an action that mortifies both the remaining Katherine, and Byron. Angered at their ignorance about the nature of reality, Son of Satan flees the scene to find the secret cavern place of worship of the Legion of Nihilists. There he battles the Legion, and Darklyte who creatures an angel/demon hybrid to fight Daimon as well. In the battle, Son of Satan kills most of the Legion of Nihilists, and the angel/demon, Darklyte's bodies vanishes and his lantern smashes on the ground, with nothing but an army of cockroaches within skittering away in the darkness.

As Daimon tries to make sense of everything, a lone survivor of the Legion silently leaves the scene, vowing to get revenge on Daimon someday.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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