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Synopsis for "Walk the Darkling Road!"

Lewis Hefford's daughter Gloria has been possessed by the demon queen Kthara, who uses her supernatural powers to slay Lewis. However, this is not before Lewis is able to get a letter to Daimon Hellstrom asking him to come to California to help him with this evil being that has plagued him. Daimon leaves St. Louis, saying farewell to Katherine Reynolds. Aboard the plane, Daimon recollects his childhood in the orphanage, and how the doctor -- Lewis Hefford -- and his family (including their daughter Gloria) were good friends. His recollections turn into a nightmare, as his senses determine that Satan's hand is involved in this, and that his sister Satana may be the culprit of the evil being done.

Meeting Gloria at the airport, she tells him that Satana is involved with the Satanic Church in which Gloria is a member. Tracking down Satana to the graveyard where her friend Michael Heron, the two are locked in a battle. In their battle, Daimon manages to overpower her and seemingly slay his sister.

Returning to Gloria's home, Daimon learns the truth, that she is possessed by Kthara Queen of the Demons. Summoning demons to battle Daimon, he is overpowered until Satana arrives -- restored to life by the Basilisk that she is bonded to -- and helps destroy the demons, she then summons the Basilisk to destroy Kthara (And Gloria in the process), when Daimon tries to apologize for his earlier attack, Satana does not accept it, instead vowing to steal her brother's soul when next they meet.


  • This is the last issue of Marvel Spotlight which features Son of Satan, after this issue he was given his own series Son of Satan #1, which continues his adventures. Marvel Spotlight continues, however begins to feature story of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.


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