Appearing in "The Deadly Gambit of Conquer-Lord!"

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Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • unnamed NY Mayor
  • Rankins, his butler
  • NYPD




Synopsis for "The Deadly Gambit of Conquer-Lord!"

Continued from last issue... Moon Knight tries to prevent the Conquer-Lord from assassinating the mayor, while he succeeds in preventing the mayors death, the mayor is still wounded from the shot, and Conquer-Lord and his minions manage to escape with Marlene as their hostage.

Moon Knight then tries to track down the Conquer-Lord by going after his associate Merkins, and manages to track down Conquer-Lord's base. There he fights through the Conquer-Lord's men, eventually getting to the central control room. There he finds Marlene being suspended over a pit with alligators.

Moon Knight is then dumped into a chess board themed battle arena where he is forced to fight the Conquer-Lord and his gigantic trick chess pieces. Although the Conquer-Lord tries to escape, Moon Knight manages to stop him and save Marlene, leaving the unmasked Conquer-Lord for the authorities, with his calling card left identifying Moon Knights involvement.


  • Final appearance of Merkins (dies in this issue).

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