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Synopsis for "The Thing in the Cellar!"

After a night as the Werewolf saving his sister from a biker gang, Jack is picked up by a helpful man named Nathan Timly who was acting as a psychologist to Jack's step-father. Nathan takes Jack back to the home of his wife, Andrea. It turns out Andrea is looking to get her hands on the Darkhold, an important mysterious book that was last in the hands of Jack's father. Jack doesn't know anything about it, but they don't believe him, so they lock him up in their dungeon. Jack is menaced by Andrea's deformed and metal-handed servant, Kraig, who thinks Jack has the means to get his real hand back. Jack's transformations and Nathan's discipline keep Kraig at bay until one of Kraig's outbursts ends up killing Nathan. Jack uses the distraction to escape, but he can't help wondering what's so special about the book. He looks around his home without success until the next night's moon makes him transform again. Andrea senses it and sends Kraig after the Werewolf. They fight amid a thunderstorm, but when Kraig raises his metal hand to wind up for a killing blow, lightning strikes it, killing him. Later, Andrea gives up on the Darkhold and attempts to cast the spells she wanted to without it, but they backfire, killing her.

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A teenager by day - a "Werewolf By Night"! Yet, can even a man-beast survive against the steel claw of - Kraig?

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