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Synopsis for "Assignment: The Infinity Formula!"

This story reveals that Nick Fury was seriously wounded in France during World War II. He was saved in part due to Professor Sternberg's Infinity Formula. Fury must be innoculated by the serum every year or he will age dramatically. Since Fury's first innoculation, the Colonel had to pay a blackmail price to Sternberg every year to acquire the serum.

However, Steel Harris kills the Professor and now has the serum. He decides to blackmail Fury even further by making demands to become immersed in S.H.I.E.L.D. and other National Security briefings. Nick finds Harris in Las Vegas and battles him and his minions. Even though the Colonel defeats Harris and his thugs, the future indeed looks bleak for Fury as he begins to incredibly age (from not recieving an innoculaton of the Infinity Formula). However, the timely intervention of Val de Fontaine saves the day. Fontaine had previously liberated the serum from its captors and innoculates Fury just in time to save his life.


  • This story gives the explanation of how Nick Fury, having been an active soldier in World War II, could retain his relative youth and vitality in the Modern Era. This was necessary due to the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

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