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  • Demons from Devil Slayer's former cult

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Synopsis for "(Don't Fear) The Reaper!"

Godwulf sends Deathlok through a time warp to stop him from pursuing him. Deathlok's computer is unable to get its bearings, so he has no idea he has been sent back in time to pre-holocaust New York. Meanwhile, Eric Simon Payne arrives in New York, fleeing the cult that employed him as Devil Slayer. He wants to see his ex-wife one more time before his inevitable mortal combat with the demons he betrayed. He heads to the hospital where she now works, but Deathlok has also ended up there and thinks Payne's wife, Cory is his own ex-wife, Janice. Mistaking Deathlok for a demon assassin, Devil Slayer fights him until Deathlok figures out what's happening and talks sense into his opponent. The two team up in time to rescue Cory from the demons that have actually come to get revenge on Payne. After the demons retreat, Eric goes to Cory as Deathlok fades away again, unsure of where he'll reappear next.


  • Letters: computer type by Bleckley.
  • Devil Slayer's abbreviated backstory in this issue is meant to call back to the nearly identical backstory of Demon Hunter, a character introduced two years earlier in the titular series by Rich Buckler for the defunct Atlas Comics. Devil Slayer was Buckler's revival of the Demon Hunter concept.

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