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  • Philip Russell's Yacht (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Island of the Damned"

Buck Cowan, a writer who's doing a piece on the occult, meets Jack Russel over some information he's uncovered on the Darkhold and Jack's father's castle. It turns out ownership of the castle passed to Jack's mother, and then his step-father, who immediately sold it to a man named Miles Blackgar who shipped the castle from Europe to an island off Monterey coast. Suspecting they can find the Darkhold there, Jack teams up with Cowan with a plan to use Phillip's yacht to get to the island, having Buck pretend to be a worker from the Mariner to trick Phillip into giving them clearance to move the boat. The plan hits a snag when Phillip wants to come along, so Buck stalls him while Jack sneaks on ahead.

Before reaching the island, Jack's boat is boarded by Blackgar's thug, Garth, who takes Jack prisoner at gunpoint and shoots up the boat so he has no escape. Once Jack's brought to the island, Blackgar introduces himself and his daughter, Marlene, who's constantly wearing sunglasses. He offers hospitality though he's clearly being held prisoner. Marlene wants to help, but has a tense loyalty to her father. Jack eventually finds the Darkhold when sneaking into the library, but only just as the moon comes out. Garth mistakes the rampaging Werewolf for one of the monstrous human experiments Blackgar had been locking up and attacks, but he meets his end when the Werewolf frees the rest of the experiments to get their revenge. Marlene, unmoved by the carnage, subtly guides the Werewolf to Blackgar's study, where the Werewolf grapples with the mad scientist until knocking him out a window to his death. Marlene then tries to get Jack to leave the island with her, but the Werewolf accidentally knocks off her sunglasses, revealing her mutant gorgon-like power to turn people to stone with her gaze. Her father had been performing his horrific experiments to find a way to cure her, but in the end she decided she wanted to get away without being changed. She's regretful that Jack couldn't join her as she leaves his statue in the garden with other similar victims.

Solicit Synopsis

Our Werewolf By Night - on the Island of the Damned! And if you wanna know why it's damned, just ask the man called Blackgar!


  • This issue introduces Jack's friend, Buck Cowan. Buck will become a recurring supporting character in the Werewolf by Night comic book series.

First Appearances: Buck Cowan (a writer); Marlene Blackgar (a mutant gorgon); Miles Blackgar (an aging occultist); Strug (a mutated freak)
Final Appearances: Garth (dies in this issue)

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