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Quote1.png Stand ye back, foolish mortals, lest I summon forth the powers of Hell itself to repel your puny attacks! Quote2.png
Ghost Rider

Appearing in "Angels from Hell!"

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Synopsis for "Angels from Hell!"

While roaming the streets at night, Ghost Rider is confronted and later chased by a group of bikers called Satan's Saints. With no option but to fight them, the Ghost Rider easily defeats them, however their leader a man named Curly offers Ghost Rider membership in the club, needing a place to stay for the night, Ghost Rider agrees.

At the Satan's Saints' hideout, Ghost Rider is mesmerized into telling Curly how he became the Ghost Rider. After recounting the events that led to his current predicament, Ghost Rider passes out. Curly prepares a sacrifice and summons Satan, who reveals Curly to be the reincarnation of Crash Simpson, who has promised to bring the soul of Johnny Blaze in order to be restored to life. However, this proves impossible as Roxanne Simpson's pure love for Johnny prevents the ritual from commencing. Satan orders Crash to take the soul of his daughter, before changing him back into Curly and leaving.

Changing back into Johnny Blaze in the morning, Johnny returns to the arena where Roxanne's next show is taking place and promises her that he will tell her what's going on before falling asleep. He wakes up at night when he once more transforms into the Ghost Rider. Curly is there waiting for him to "warn" him that Satan's Saints are going to attack the show and try to kidnap Roxanne. Rushing into the show, Ghost Rider thwarts the attempt (which the audience believes is part of the show) and afterwords decides that he is too much of a danger to Roxanne and leaves. Left alone with Curly, Roxanne is knocked out and Curly picks up her unconscious body to begin the sacrifice ritual.

Solicit Synopsis

The Ghost Rider lives - or does he?


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