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Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Appearing in "Die, Die, My Daughter!"

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Synopsis for "Die, Die, My Daughter!"

With Roxanne as his unconscious victim, Curly attempts to sacrifice her to Satan, who stops him citing that in order to be reincarnated Curly will have to sacrifice Roxanne at a Satanic church, and so leaves Madison Square Gardens with Roxanne in his arms.

Meanwhile, the Ghost Rider is chased by the cops and manages to escape them without any incident, and decides to rest in a graveyard. While at a Satanic church, Curly turns Roxanne over to Satan's followers in preparation of the sacrifice to their master. The next morning Johnny wakes up and returns to the Gardens to find that Roxanne is nowhere to be found. Having to preform a show, he finishes to find that Roxanne still has not turned up. Learning that she left with Curly from Slade, Johnny waits until night to seek him out as Ghost Rider. He confronts Satan's Saints, who tell Ghost Rider the location of the church.

Arriving just in time to stop Curly before he can sacrifice Roxanne to Satan, Satan intervenes changing Curly back into Crash Simpson, and ordering him to kill Ghost Rider.

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The Ghost Rider - who else?


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