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Synopsis for "...The Hordes of Hell!"

Forced to fight a duel against his adoptive father Crash Simpson, Ghost Rider and Crash are transported to Hell to battle each other. However, when Ghost Rider gains the upper hand, Satan sends demons to help Crash win the fight. When it comes to delivering the killer blow, Crash cannot do it, and Satan sends a demon to kill them both. Crash sacrifices himself to kill the demon, and Ghost Rider leaves his body with a robed figure who is apparently against Satan.

Returning to the Earth dimension, Johnny changes back to normal and the two return to their troupe where Slade has begrudgingly prepared for their next gig in Arizona. Arriving there, Johnny greets his guide Sam Silvercloud, who suddenly pulls a gun on him. Silvercloud wants to prevent Johnny's show for fear that the celebrity attention would make the location of his gorge stunt -- a location Silvercloud's tribe is negotiating to get back from the government -- a tourist hot spot instead.

When Johnny refuses to cancel his gig to jump over Copperhead Canyon, Silvercloud leaves Johnny in the desert. Riding back into town, Johnny fights Silvercloud until they are stopped by Snake Dance, who tells Johnny to leave. While distracted, Silvercloud sabotages Johnny's motorcycle. That night, changing into Ghost Rider, Johnny returns to the town and fights Snake Dance and his "Snake Men", when Snake Dance transforms into a giant snake and chases after Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider jumps over the canyon. However, reaching 100 mph causes his motorcycle to explode sending Ghost Rider falling into the canyon instead.

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The Ghost Rider prowls again!


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