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Synopsis for "The Snakes Crawl at Night.."

Falling to his doom down Copperhead Canyon, everyone believes Johnny Blaze to be dead, and to cover up any loose ends, Sam Silvercloud kidnaps Roxanne when she begins looking for Johnny believing him to be still alive.

No surprise, Johnny does survive, but thanks to Satan who tells Johnny that if he dies through any means other than by Satan's own machinations, he will lose any right to Johnny's soul. While Roxanne is brought to Snake Dance for a ritual, Bart Slade decides to do the canyon jump when Johnny does not show. However, that night Johnny shows up as Ghost Rider and stops Bart from jumping over the canyon however he crashes during the show when he spots Sam Silvercloud in the crowd.

Chasing after Silvercloud, Ghost Rider finds the ritual in which Snake Dance has his snakes bite Roxanne to see if she will survive the snake's venom. Destroying the snakes and the ritual, Ghost Rider speeds off with Roxanne. Snake Dance tells Ghost Rider to come back because he can help, but the Rider tells him that if he does return, it will not be for help.

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The Ghost Rider vs. the Witch-Man!


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