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  • Sky-Sleds

Synopsis for "The Saturn Storm!"

Captain Marvel, Drax the Destroyer, Rick Jones and Gertie head towards Titan, dodging laser fire. Their ship crashes but they all survive and Marvel and Drax fight off their pursuers. ISAAC radios the attackers, ordering them to lure the heroes to Saturn in an attempt to kill them with a missile storm. The heroes chase the enemy ship to a base on Saturn but the pilots tell them that ISAAC is going to bomb the place from Titan. Marvel and Drax manage to save everyone from the missiles by using rocks from Saturn's ring as a shield. Marvel, Drax, Rick and Gertie then head off to Titan but ISAAC manages to revive Stellerax, Gaea, Choas and his own robot body, ISAAC-Prime, and they all intercept the heroes.


  • Captain Marvel: The Death of Captain Marvel #1


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