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Clare is a detective and her twin sister, Ann, is married to the District Attorney, Ed Stanford. Clare's testimony threatens the local crimelord, Nemesis, so Nemesis' goons abduct Stanford and invade his home, taking Ann and her kids hostage. Coming to their house for dinner, Clare is alerted to the situation by the natural mental link she shares with her twin. Clare gets the jump on the thugs, and soon the Unipower joins the fight, turning both sisters into Captain Universe simultaneously. The Captains Universe use a combination of their powers and Clare's investigative skills to track down Nemesis' hideout, defeat his hoods, and corner the boss, but Ann's husband is nowhere to be found. When they unmask Nemesis, it turns out to have been Stanford all along, playing both sides of the law as crimelord and D.A. Disgusted, Ann punches him out and lets the police take him away. The sisters return to the Stanford home and the Unipower departs as Ann prepares to take on the challenge of raising her children alone.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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