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Small-time cat burglar Monty Walsh attempts to rob Maggia boss Guido Carboni as one last shot at the big-time, but Carboni and his men catch him climbing down from the balcony and shoot him. The Uni-Power possesses Monty as he falls dying, restoring his life and granting him cat-like super powers as Captain Universe. Enraged over how Carboni tried to kill him like he was nothing, Monty dedicates the following days to attacking his criminal operations. The public interprets his actions as those of a hero, not knowing he's only fighting crime out of a personal vendetta. When Captain Universe finally corners Carboni, he declares that after he kills him, he'll use his power to become the new top crime boss. At that moment, the Uni-Power abandons him, leaving Monty as a bullet-riddled corpse alone with a gun-holding Carboni moments before the police arrive.


  • The issue includes a Captain Universe pin-up with a notice that this is their last appearance and a petition to write in if fans want to see more Captain Universe in the future. The concept would only make occasional appearances in other books for many years, not getting its own mini-series until 2006.

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