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Synopsis for "The Dark Corners!"

On Titan, Captain Marvel, Drax the Destroyer, Rick Jones and Gertie face off against ISAAC-Prime, Stellarax, Gaea and Chaos. ISAAC teleports everyone to his control room, where the weakened Eros, Mentor and Elysius are. Rick finds out that Drax was going to kill Marvel if they were successful but after Marvel takes a blast meant for him, Drax changes his mind and flies into a rage, killing Stellarax. Chaos and Gaea defeat Drax before Marvel knocks them both out. Marvel and ISAAC are the only ones left standing and the hero is surrounding by numerous ISAAC robots so he expands his life force in an effort to defeat the computer. This gives ISAAC some humanity, which makes him mad and he suddenly feels remorse for all the things he has done. ISAAC reverts to his original personality and turns the life support systems for Titan back on.

Two weeks later, everyone is recovering and celebrating their victory on Titan. Drax states that he will not kill Marvel as they had agreed upon and leaves. While the rest of the group enjoy a celebratory meal.


  • Captain Marvel: The Death of Captain Marvel #1


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