Quote1 No human replica can ever have...a fighting spirit! Quote2
--Captain America

Appearing in "Cap Goes Wild!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Captain America #106.

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Synopsis for "Cap Goes Wild!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Captain America #106.

SHIELD HQ is attacked by a number of costumed Asian spies who have stolen the plans for the latest prototype model of the Life Model Decoy for what they call Operation: Replica. Captain America springs into action to try and stop them, however despite his best efforts, the spies manage to escape with the plans. Captain America is picked up by a SHIELD agent who drives him back to the hotel where he is currently staying in his civilian guise of Steve Rogers. There, Cap changes out of his uniform and is shown some startling footage: Infinity Productions, a film company out in Hollywood is working on a Captain America film and they have put together a shocking scene where Cap shoots an unarmed and surrendering soldier. Appalled at this misrepresentation of his character, Captain America agrees to go to Hollywood to try and straighten things out, as the film would project a poor image of Cap.

Meanwhile, in China, Chairman Mao personally oversees the fruition of Operation: Replica. Using the stolen plans from SHIELD they have built a machine that will allow them to create their own Life Model Decoys. Their first attempt, and part of their plot is in creating a replica of Captain America, with an LMD double of the Star-Spangled Avenger that is faster and stronger than the genuine article. They intend the replica to ruin Captain America's good name. With the LMD completed they place it in a shipping container and mail it out of the country.

Its destination: Infinity Studios in Hollywood, where owner Cyril Lucas has sold out his country to the Communists so that he has money to get much needed surgery for his brother and also fund his latest science fiction epic. When Cyril's brother Willie learns about what his brother has done, he is horrified and doesn't think betraying his country is worth getting the surgery he needs to survive. He begs his brother to call off the deal, however when his contacts get in touch with him he agrees to follow through with the plan, and soon the crate containing the LMD of Captain America is delivered to them.

When Captain America arrives on the set of Infinity Studios sometime later, he is attacked by the Captain America LMD. He is easily overpowered at first and when it looks like he is about to lose, a guilt stricken Willie tries to go to his aid. The LMD easily batters Willie aside much to his brother's horror, however it gives Captain America a chance to fight back. As the battle rages on, suddenly the LMD begins to glow and quickly flees the scene. He doesn't get very far, as after mashing through the studio wall he collapses. Cap is visited by a SHIELD agent that was watching the battle and points out that there was some flaw in the new LMD prototypes, insuring that the Communists won't use it again due to its flawed nature. With the battle over the two men go looking for Cyril and Willie to arrest them for treason.

However, justice would be served in a different, more tragic way: Cyril would find the body of his brother, killed from the impact when the Captain America LMD threw him aside. Lamenting the death of his brother, he realizes that betraying his country was not worth the price he has paid. Just then a door opens, and a gun points toward him, issuing him the price he must pay for failure: Death!


  • Cover art modifications by Romita.
  • The original Kirby and Giacoia cover has been reversed from its original printing. The cover title has also been changed from "Cap Goes Wild!" to "Cap Goes Mad!".

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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