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Quote1 The Beyonder is dead! Now, the supreme being in the universe... is Doom! Quote2
Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Death to the Beyonder!"

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Synopsis for "Death to the Beyonder!"

With the heroes of Battleworld preventing Galactus from trying to consume the planet, Galactus has no choice but to consume his own worldship for sustenance. The heroes quickly shield their eyes from the blinding flash of light. However as they witness Galactus consuming the needed energy they suddenly spot it being diverted back to Doombase. Captain Marvel quickly travels there at he speed of light to see what happened and witnesses Doctor Doom bombarding himself with the energies which he is filtering through special lenses made out of Klaw's body. She reports this new development back to the others via Professor X's telepathic link. With the process finished, Doom is revitalized by the sheer power he has absorbed, but soon finds his perceptions have been enhanced beyond human comprehension. After acclimatizes himself, Doom suddenly senses Captain Marvel's presence in his midst. When Xavier's psi-link is suddenly cut off the heroes all rush to the nearest shuttle, which is held aloft by Magneto's powers.

Along the way, Captain America makes a comment about Magneto living up to his "hype" this starts a heated exchange between the two about human mutant relations. When Cap says he is only standing by with Magneto due to the fact that the X-Men are vouching for him. That's when Wolverine pipes up and berates Captain America for not doing as much for mutants as he does ordinary humans. When Wolverine becomes too heated, the X-Men pull him back to prevent a fight from happening. While back at Doombase, Doom is debating on what to do about the Beyonder, as he has power beyond compare but is it enough to stop the Beyonder? Doom holds council with the severed head of Klaw and decides that he must tempt fate and face the Beyonder even if it means his death. Utilizing his new found power, Doom constructs a new suit of armor and departs for space. The heroes soon arrive and find not trace of Doom, and all their prisoners still locked in their cells. Spider-Woman finds Captain Marvel who has somehow been trapped in her light form. They also find the severed head of Klaw, and after a massive earthquake, the disembodied villain tells them that Doom is about to face off against the Beyonder himself. In deep space the Beyonder demands that Doom go back and no approach him, but Doom is more determined than ever to claim this ultimate prize.

With the planet still shaking up Mister Fantastic suggests that they try and revive Galactus and locates him in space on their monitors. Before they can act another shockwave hits causing part of Doombase to collapse on some of the heroes. Amid the chaos, Colossus notices that Zsaji's village is in danger as well and wants to go out to her but knows that she cares only for the Human Torch. Colossus is shocked when the Torch is disinterested in helping her while trying to help Mister Fantastic from under the rubble. Insulted by this, Colossus is about to start a fight when suddenly the planet is rocked by another massive earthquake. While in space, Doctor Doom continues his attack on the Beyonder. While his foe continues doubling his power to match Doom's, the monarch of Latveria refuses to surrender. As a final effort, Doom beams an image of himself back to Earth and appears before the heroes. He asks those who wish to defeat the Beyonder to lend them their power offering them everything they could want and more, all they need do is take his hand. When Magneto reaches out to take it the Wasp, Hawkeye, and Iron Man attack him. Magneto is kept at bay long enough that Doom cannot maintain the image anymore and disappears. After he is gone, Hawkeye tries to chastise the X-Men for trusting Magneto, but Captain America orders him to stand down.

Doctor Doom has been defeated, his ravaged body now lays on the surface of Battleworld. However soon he is enveloped in energy and his mind probed. Doom's life flashes before his eyes: his discovery that his later mother was a witch, how he became a famous defender of his people, the accident that ruined his face, his rise to power in Latveria and his endless quest to rescue the soul of his mother from the clutches of the demon Mephisto. Unwilling to die, Doom suddenly finds his body being recreated and his armor repaired by the energies swirling around him. This rebirth is causing more earthquakes that threaten to bring down Doombase around the heroes. Captain America calls and evacuation as well as orders their prisoners to be freed so they can escape themselves. The heroes regroup outside just as Doombase crumbles to the ground. Suddenly there is a blinding flash of light that appears above them and changes into a massive Doctor Doom. Doom announces that the Beyonder is dead, and shrinking back down to human size, Doom removes his mask and declares the Secret Wars over.


Continuity Notes[]

Chronology Notes[]

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:

Captain America:


Iron Man:

Captain Marvel:




Mister Fantastic:

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Publication Notes[]

  • Cover art: part of Austin's inks on Dr. Doom's mask and left shoulder were whited out before being sent to print, per Zeck (from accessed 18 March, 2014).

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