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Quote1 Keep in mind, by the way, that if we do decide to confront Doom, it's possible that we might be annihilated on the spot by a bolt from the blue! Quote2
Captain America

Appearing in "...And Dust To Dust!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Alien Sky-Sled
  • Alien aircraft

Synopsis for "...And Dust To Dust!"

Doctor Doom has stolen the power of the Beyonder and appeared before the heroes gathered on Battleworld. Removing his mask, Doom reveals that his face has been completely healed. He then announces that with the Beyonder seemingly dead, the Secret Wars are now over. From afar, Doom's former minions watch as Doom speaks with the heroes. Thinking Doom has betrayed them, the Molecule Man is furious and uses his powers to uproot the earth under the heroes and fling them across Battleworld. When Owen Reece angrily confronts Doom, Doom merely opens up Reece's mind and removes the mental blocks that prevented him from being able to alter the molecules of living things. Struck by this revelation, Molecule Man suggests that they retreat and figure out their next move. Volcana suggests her apartment and so the Molecule Man creates a ship that will allow them to fly to the chunk of Denver that has been brought to Battleworld.

Meanwhile, the heroes regroup at Doombase to review their notes and decide what to do with the now god-like Doctor Doom. While they discuss this, the villains have regrouped at Marsha's apartment. There they all agree that the Secret Wars are not worth it, and want to go home even if it means forfeiting the prize. With that, Molecule Man uses his powers to erect an air-tight dome around Denver and pull it free from Battleworld and venture off into space. This is picked up by the heroes' scanners and when Spider-Woman expresses concern for the friends and family she still has in Denver, Mister Fantastic regretfully tells her that there is nothing they can do. That evening Colossus cannot sleep because of his growing feelings for the alien woman Zsaji that he has fallen in love with. Unwilling to go forward with whatever plans until he sees her one more time, Colossus leaves in the might. As he goes, a ball of energy arrives at Doombase and takes possession of the Hulk. The possessed Hulk is spotted by Spider-Woman, who tries to stop him. When the Hulk's path is impeded the energy that is possessing him switches over to her and she continues on into the lab. There she finds Captain Marvel -- still trapped in energy form -- as well as the severed head of Klaw. Before she can do anything there is a blinding flash of light that causes her to scream. When the other heroes arrive they find Klaw missing and Captain Marvel restored to normal. They also find a message from Doctor Doom telling them to meet him at the Tower of Doom at dusk the following day. When they wonder where the Tower of Doom is, they look out the window and see a massive stone tower off in the distance. Doom has reformed Klaw and brought him to his side. Having grown tired, Doom orders Klaw to guard his tower while he sleeps.

At the alien village, Zsaji is awoken by the arrival of Colossus who has brought her flowers and professes his love to her. Back at Doombase Nightcrawler and Wolverine are looking for Colossus for the big meeting. Wolverine points out that he is off with Zsaji and Nightcrawler laments about what this will to Piotr's girlfriend Kitty Pryde back home. Wolverine points out that Colossus isn't really in love with Zsaji, he is just feeling the after-effects of her healing powers. The heroes soon board a craft and fly out to Doom's tower to meet with him. Doom announces to them that there is no more need to fight as he intends to use his omnipotence for altruistic ends. In order to demonstrate this, he uses his power to resurrect Kang the Conqueror and return him to his own time. He also explains that he has summoned Nova, the herald of Galactus, to recover her master from space. He then offers to grant the heroes any wish they want in recompense for all the suffering he has caused them in the past. When they all begin discussing it, Captain America notices that Spider-Woman is acting strangely and paying particular attention to Klaw. Cap eventually comes back and tells Doom they want nothing, as such Doom allows them to go free but warns them against acting against him in the future as he will destroy them instantly. As the heroes exit, Captain America sends everyone else back so he can venture back inside and try to spy on Doom.

He finds Doom spending time with Klaw, and once detected Doom invites the Captain in, sending Klaw away. Down one of the corridors, Klaw is ambushed by Spider-Woman and the energy that has been possessing her since the night before transfers to Klaw. Captain America hears that Doom has no interest in conquering the universe and when Klaw returns to inform him that Spider-Woman is knocked out in the hallway, Doom sends Cap away to her. Outside he finds the others still waiting and tells them they need to call a meeting. Elsewhere, Colossus is trying to have a romantic interlude with Zsaji but is forced to come back due to the mental summons of Professor X. The heroes then meet back at Doombase, where they discuss whether they should go up against a god-like Doctor Doom or leave him be, but they agree that to only go after their foe if the vote is unanimous. Everyone agrees that Doom cannot be left with such power unchecked with almost everyone voting yes. With the last vote boiling down to Colossus, he tearfully asks Zsaji to forgive him and votes yes. The moment he does, the heroes are torn apart by a massive blast of energy that seemingly kills them all.


Continuity Notes[]

  • As revealed in Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1, the mercenary Deadpool was among the heroes gathered for the Secret Wars. issue Vol 1 4 of that series reveals that the Wasp wished it so nobody remembered his presence. Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #3 shows Deadpool present when the heroes confront Doctor Doom for the first time after he gains the Beyonder's power. He is also present during the vote to go after Doom at the end of this story. Although ambiguous in this story, Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #14 confirms that all the heroes (except Deadpool) were slain here.
  • A number of past events from this series are recapped in this issue:
  • Doctor Doom removes the mental blocks on Owen's powers that have been in place since he first became the Molecule Man back in Fantastic Four #20 that prevented him from altering organic matter. Owen enjoys this new power boost until it's stripped away from him in Fantastic Four Annual #24.
  • The Wasp comments on how the Hulk is getting "nastier" the Hulk is slowly losing his intelligence. Hulk gained Bruce Banner's intelligence in Incredible Hulk #272 but it slowly began to fade it will be completely gone by Incredible Hulk #297.
  • Nightcrawler laments Colossus' infidelity toward his girlfriend Sprite who was left back home. The two had formed a relationship during the events of Uncanny X-Men #160166.
  • Galactus was left drifting in space, Doom mentions that he has been rescued by his herald Nova who has been a Herald of Galactus since Fantastic Four #244.
  • Doom mentions that he has been trying to free the soul of his mother for years. As revealed in Astonishing Tales #8, the soul of Cynthia von Doom has been trapped in the realm of Mephisto ever since her death.

Chronology Notes[]

Events in this story happen behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:

Captain America:













Doctor Doom:


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