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Quote1 I ain't goin' back, Reed! Not yet, anyway! I figured you'd need somebody strong to keep bailin' you outta trouble, so I asked She-Hulk to take my place! Quote2

Appearing in "...Nothing to Fear"

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Synopsis for "...Nothing to Fear"

For daring to unite against the omnipotent power of Doctor Doom the heroes on Battleworld have been annihilated for their defiance. Seeing the smoldering wreckage of Doombase is Zsaji and her people who rush to the location to see what befell the champions who defended them against the evil beset upon them. From his new home at the Tower of Doom, Doctor Doom assures Klaw that he has slain the heroes and they will not stand in his way again, that his is certain. Meanwhile, millions of miles away, the villains who were brought to Battleworld are transporting the city of Denver back to Earth thanks to the enhanced powers of the Molecule Man. Curious as to what is happening on Battleworld, the Enchantress summons a water sprite from Marsha Rosenberg's bathtub and has it reveal what has happened on Battleworld since their departure. It reveals to her that the Beyonder has seemingly perished and Doctor Doom has stolen his power. The Enchantress hopes for a moment of vulnerability so she can strike at Doom before he can use his power against her. When the Lizard begins to freak out, the Enchantress uses the distraction to call out to Volcana in order to make her pay for helping her reach the Molecule Man earlier in the Secret Wars when he was injured and she wanted to be by his side. Taking Marsha to a nearby park, Amora intends to steal her life force in order to gain additional power. Meanwhile, the Molecule Man fights it out with Doctor Octopus who has come to doubt his ability to get them home. After Owen restrains Otto, the Lizard points out that Marsha is missing. They find her in the Enchantress' clutches and attack. When Amora tries to teleport back to Battleworld, the Lizard leaps at her and is transported there as well. When the Lizard slashes her face, the Enchantress absorbs his life force in order to return to Asgard.

Meanwhile, Doctor Doom slumbers and while he does Klaw tries to get close to him but Doom quickly awakens. Klaw then begins instilling doubt in Doom's mind, telling him that he may not have killed the heroes as he thought. Doom plays into this and Klaw creates a hologram showing the healer Zsaji using her power to revive Colossus, dying in the process. Heartbroken, Colossus brings his fellow heroes back to Doombase and uses the medical devices there to revive the others. Doom denies this theory, even when Klaw suggests that he subconsciously did not want them to die. When Doom continues to deny this, suddenly he is proven wrong when Thor's hammer comes crashing through the wall. Doom's power flares out of control destroying a nearby planet. With the heroes about to besiege him, he listens to Klaw's suggestion of giving him a portion of his power to deal with the heroes. Klaw is given a fraction of Doom's stolen power and he goes out to face the heroes. Using this new power he creates monsters for them to fight as well as a rebuilt Ultron. The Thing slugs it out with one of the monsters when suddenly he starts to revert back to Ben Grimm, through sheer force of will he prevents his transformation, cementing the idea in his mind that Battleworld allows him to change back and forth. Elsewhere on the battle field, Ultron has some of the others on the ropes when suddenly he blows up. The reason why becomes apparent when the Wasp emerges from his ruined shell, having used her bio-stings to damage his vulnerable internal components.

As the battle rages on, Captain America gets past the monsters and Klaw to confront Doctor Doom directly. Doom tries to atomize Captain America, but the hero suddenly reappears every time he tries to destroy him. This causes Doom's power to flare out of control, what Klaw -- or rather the being possessing him -- has planned all along. When Doom is finally in a weakened state, the Beyonder emerges from Klaw's body and reclaims his stolen power, restoring Doom back to his normal state and banishing both he and Klaw away. With the Secret Wars now officially over, the heroes regroup back at Doombase to try and figure out a way to get back home. There, Colossus has a funeral for Zsaji and weeps over her grave. Later, Spider-Man finds that the X-Men have created new costumes for themselves. When he sees the others doing so as well he finds it curious that they are not using the same machine where he got his new uniform. The Hulk's leg is broken and Mister Fantastic binds it in a metal brace. As the heroes rest after their victory they are surprised when Curt Connors -- having reverted back to human form from the Lizard -- arrives. When this happy reunion between Connors and Spider-Man is happening, Nightcrawler wishes that Kitty's dragon Lockheed would return. Almost as if on cue, Lockheed does return with another small dragon in tow. Mister Fantastic meets with the others and explains that residual energies from the Beyonder are what is causing the strange series of "wish fulfillment" that they have experienced recently. Hearing this, Captain America goes into a back room with his shattered shield and is happy to see that he is able to repair it through sheer force of will.

Soon Mister Fantastic is able to cobble together a device that will allow him to teleport them all back home. First he sends back the Hulk, Magneto, Spider-Man, Curt Connors and Spider-Woman. Next are the X-Men after Professor X console Colossus over the loss of Zsaji, convincing him to come back with them so her sacrifice is not in vein. As Mister Fantastic prepares to teleport them away, the strange dragon that followed Lockheed flies into the teleportation beam, causing some strange feedback, leaving the rest to wonder what will happen to them when they return to Earth. Before the Avengers prepare to return home as well, the Thing arrives with She-Hulk, who is wearing a Fantastic Four costume. Ben explains to Reed and Johnny that he intends to stay on Battleworld for a while to enjoy the ability to change back and forth between human and Thing forms and has selected She-Hulk as his replacement on the team. After the Avengers teleport off, Ben insists that he is staying. Reed thinks briefly for a moment about telling Ben what he knows about his transformations and thinks against it, hoping he will discover the truth in time. Before going, Reed passes Ben the teleportation device so that Ben can use it whenever he is ready to return home. After Mister Fantastic, the Torch and She-Hulk are teleported away, Ben begins the first steps of his greatest adventure yet.


Continuity Notes[]

  • As revealed in Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1 the mercenary known as Deadpool was also among the heroes gathered among the heroes. It was later revealed in the 4th issue of that series that the Wasp wished everyone to forget Deadpool's involvement. The entire series takes place from a narrative standpoint after the events of last issue with flashbacks to earlier in the event. In the "present" time Deadpool is seen collecting Zsaji to help resurrect the heroes. According to Deadpool's account, all the heroes died and Zsaji perished after reviving only Colossus and Mister Fantastic. Also according to this tale Reed was only able to resurrect the other heroes using Deadpool's enhanced healing factor. Deadpool is also depicted as being part of the final battle. He also states that before he returned to Earth he used the wish-fulfillment abilities of Battleworld to restore Zsaji to life and put her and her people somewhere where they can't get hurt anymore.
  • After being defeated here, Doctor Doom is transported back to the "future" in Fantastic Four #288 by the future Beyonder. At the time of the Secret Wars, Doctor Doom was believed to be dead after his battle with Tyros the Tamer in Fantastic Four #260 and had to be pulled from a future time. Although Doom was briefly sidetracked in Marvel 1985 #1 when he was briefly pulled into Earth-1219.
  • The aftermath of Secret Wars left a lot of major changes that ultimately were undone over time or came back to haunt the heroes of Earth:

Chronology Notes[]

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:

Captain America:



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