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Quote1 Enough! The discussion is ended! Prepare yourselves -- we go to join -- Magneto! Quote2
Professor X

Appearing in "Tempest Without, Crisis Within!"

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  • Unidentified alien vehicles

Synopsis for "Tempest Without, Crisis Within!"

A powerful storm rages across Battleworld and Magneto watches it from his hideout before releasing his prisoner the Wasp. When the Wasp threatens to bring the hideout down around them, Magneto suggests that it would be a bad idea with the storm raging outside and suggests that they call a truce for the time being. Magneto then tries to charm the Wasp as well as try to convince her that he is not the monster she thinks he is. While at the heroes base, Ben Grimm and the Torch watch as the storm looses some massive rocks that come crashing down toward them before being destroyed by Thor. This has Hawkeye and She-Hulk on guard for the moment. When they realize there is no danger, Hawkeye confides that he wants to get home to his new wife. Elsewhere Iron Man and Captain Marvel also take pause to notice Thor. When Iron Man questions why Thor just doesn't stop the storm, Captain Marvel figures he enjoys it too much. In the communications room the Hulk, Captain America and Mister Fantastic are overseeing things after the damage done to their temporary headquarters after Magneto attacked as well as keeping tabs on Galactus who is still standing atop a nearby mountain. Reed expresses his concern for his wife who is pregnant and is about to give birth soon. The Hulk pipes in about what he will do to the villain who kidnapped his girl back home as well. With the repairs Reed excuses himself from the others so he can have some time alone.

Reed's departure is observed by Spider-Man who remarks on how depressed Reed looks. web-swinging through the facility Spider-Man feels as though it was specially designed for him to do so, and briefly wonders if that was intentional before ultimately dismissing the idea. He happens to come upon the X-Men who are holding private council with their leader. While they discuss the distrust they are receiving from the other heroes. Xavier has decided that his team is going to leave to join up with Magneto. Just as he is saying, Professor X detects Spider-Man's presence and tells his X-Men to stop him before he can warn the others. Spider-Man fights back and easily trips up the X-Men and flees the scene. Spider-Man tries to warn Reed about what's going on, but Xavier uses his telepathic abilities to make Spider-Man forget what he heard and Cyclops smooths things over with Mister Fantastic, making it seem as though Spider-Man is probably just cracking up under the pressure of being kidnapped by the Beyonder. The two heroes share a moment where they express their distress of being taken away from their respective wives before Xavier telepathically calls Cyclops back to the group. Commandeering a shuttle, Xavier tells his students to set a course of Magneto's citadel.

At that moment, Magneto is in a teleconference with Doctor Doom and refuses his offer to join sides. Doom warns him that he will live to regret that decision, Magneto terminates the call and sees to his guest the Wasp who appears to be warming up to the Master of Magnetism in spite of herself and the two suddenly get into the throws of passion. While at Doombase, Doctor Doom has two test subjects: Skeeter MacPherran and Marsha Rosenberg. Utilizing the devices within the lab, Doom endows them with super-human powers. As Volcana, Rosenberg has the power to channel volcanic plasma and Skeeter -- now calling herself Titania -- has been given enhanced strength. Doom then brings his newly empowered minions to meet the other villains gathered. There Titania intends to prove that she is no longer the scrawny woman she used to be by trying to pick a fight with the Absorbing Man. With nothing to prove, Absorbing Man brushes off her insults and Titania storms off in a fury when the Wrecker begins making lewd offers to her. Volcana meanwhile seems to find a bond with the soft-spoken and uncertain Molecule Man, who opens up to her about what his therapist might think about him using his powers to help Doctor Doom.

Meanwhile, Thor has returned inside the heroes base and come down to the prisoner hold. Passing the stasis units containing the members of the Wrecking Crew and Kang, he stops at the medi-chamber containing the Enchantress who was injured in the battle. He frees her to discuss things that are "not meant" for mortal ears. She agrees and opens a portal to take them elsewhere to discuss matters. Soon it is dawn and the heroes realize that they have overslept leaving them open for attack. No sooner is this realized do the forces of Doctor Doom launch their attack. With the added numbers of Titania and Volcana, the villains manage to not only gain the element of surprise but the upper hand as well. Caught off guard, the heroes are forced to retreat, allowing Doom and his minions to rescue their captive allies.


Continuity Notes[]

  • The Thing reverted back to human form last issue, as Reed Richards theorized in Fantastic Four #245, Ben can change back and forth at will but hasn't been able to due to a psychological block. Ben discovers he can change at will by Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #9 but incorrectly attributes this to Battleworld itself as opposed to his own doing.
  • The private council between Thor and Enchantress is expanded upon in Thor #383.
  • The Hulk is having a hard time thinking because he is losing Bruce Banner's intelligence, something he completely loses by Incredible Hulk #297.

Chronology Notes[]

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronologies of the following characters:

Professor X:









  • Magneto quotes Russian writer and socialist activist [Maxim Gorky] when saying "Let the storm rage even stronger!"
  • The Molecule Man tries to perform a military salute for Dr. Doom, but he uses his left hand, while the salute uses the right hand (unless prevented by injury or any other good reason). There is no evidence of the Molecule Man having any military training, so his salute may well be ad-hoc and based on popular culture.

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