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Quote1 First Spider-Man trashes us... Now the Wasp?! I've had it with gettin' dumped on my butt! Quote2

Appearing in "Situation: Hopeless!"

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Synopsis for "Situation: Hopeless!"

The forces of Doctor Doom have forced the gathered heroes to flee and destroyed their headquarters, a victory for Doom and his minions in Beyonder's on going Secret War. Spotting their foes fleeing the scene, Titania and the Wrecking Crew begin tossing debris at the heroes. Goaded on by Volcana, the Molecule Man one ups them all by using his powers to raise a mountain from nearby and dropping it on their enemies, seemingly killing them all in one fell swoop. While the others cheer, Doctor Doom is not entirely convinced that was the end of their foes. Elsewhere on Battleworld, Thor and the Enchantress are still having their private council about the Beyonder. Recalling the Beyonder's offer to grant them their fondest desires if they slay their enemies, Thor asks what the Enchantress could want. When she specifies Thor's love, he tells her that love is not an object that can just be taken. Their discussion is suddenly interrupted by a massive earthquake. They quickly teleport back to the heroes base to see what is going on and appear in the middle of Doctor Doom's army. When Doom demands the Enchantress choose a side, she hesitantly sides with Doom and the others attack Thor. While the villains keep Thor on the ropes, Doom commands Ultron to use his disintegrator ray to destroy Thor. Ultron seemingly succeeds in atomizing Thor, leaving nothing by his helmet and a scrap of his cape behind. After this second seeming victory, Doom recounts that the X-Men were not among the heroes and that their work is not yet done. However, he pauses to deal with some more pressing business first. Recalling how Kang tried to kill him when they first arrived on Battleworld, Doctor Doom orders Ultron to kill Kang. The time traveler tries to beg for his life, but it is of no avail and Ultron slays him.

Elsewhere, the X-Men are flying across Battleworld, seeking out Magneto. En route, Colossus takes the time to think about his girlfriend back home, the youthful X-Man known as Sprite and wonders if he will ever see her again. Rogue is also deep in thought, thinking of how not too long ago she would have been on Doom's side of the Secret War. As the X-Men prepare for whatever their encounter with Magneto will bring, the Master of Magnetism is using his powers to create a mental comb for his guest the Wasp to comb her hair with. Suddenly the pair are interrupted by the arrival of the X-Men. Xavier asks Magneto to join him, telling him of the good they can do if they operate as a third force outside of Captain America's group. Magneto agrees, suggesting that they use the Beyonder's offer to create a golden age where mutants rule over humans. Hearing this, the Wasp drops her pretense in being interested in Magneto and attacks. She then manages to slip past the X-Men and get to their ship but finds it incredibly difficult to control. When Magneto tries to stop her from escaping with his powers, Xavier stops him, recounting how he made a grave error erasing Spider-Man's memories earlier and that they should not interfere with the others, that using evil means does not justify their good intentions.

Meanwhile, buried under tons of rock are the heroes, who have survived thanks to the Hulk holding up the rock with his strength. However with a number of them injured and a limited supply of air, time is running out before they either suffocate or get crushed to death. Quick thinking Mister Fantastic cannibalizes some of Hawkeye's trick arrows, Iron Man's spare power pack and one of Spider-Man's web-shooters into a device that allows the Human Torch and Captain Marvel to channel their powers through Iron Man's armor. The device works and boosts Iron Man's armor significantly to blast their way free from the mountain. Upon getting free, the heroes find Thor alive and well, and he explains he escaped a certain death by temporarily blinding their foes and making a hasty retreat. Needing medical attention for some of their allies, Captain America sends Captain Marvel off on a recon mission to find someplace for them to go. Marvel finds a village at the base of the mountain where Galactus is standing. Soon the other heroes arrive and the locals prove friendly and immediately take in the wounded champions. They quickly discover that one of these aliens, Zsaji, can heal with a touch. When she heals the Human Torch he is instantly attracted to her. Later Ben Grimm goes to Reed to express his concerns about being so close to Galactus when suddenly he transforms into the Thing again. When Ben asks why this is happening, Reed hesitantly tells him that he'll think about it, however, he knows more than he is letting on. Reed then turns his attention to Galactus and is horrified when he sees the world devourer raising his hands to the sky.

Solicit Synopsis

There they all are! Together for the most uncanny confrontation of all time and space, the greatest super heroes must battle a menace too cosmic to name! And it's all for the sake of The Beyonder! And we don't even know who - or what - that is!


Continuity Notes[]

  • As revealed in Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2, the mercenary Deadpool was among the heroes gathered by the Beyonder, but per the fourth issue of that series it was revealed that the Wasp inadvertently used the wish fulfillment abilities of Battleworld to make everyone forget Deadpool was ever there. Specifically, Deadpool was depicted as being among the heroes when they were trapped under the mountain and when they discovered Zsaji's village. In Deadpool's recollection, he helped the heroes escape from the mountain and he becomes a rival with the Torch for Zsaji's affections.
  • The private council between Thor and Enchantress in this issue and Thor's clash with the villains is expanded upon further in Thor #383.
  • Although Kang is slain here, Doctor Doom later resurrects him in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #11.
  • Colossus thinks about his girlfriend, Kitty Pryde, who was left behind on Earth. The couple formed a relationship during Uncanny X-Men #161166, although as late as Uncanny X-Men #174 he is startled and angry when she jumps into his arms and kisses him. In Uncanny X-Men #180, just before the X-Men arrive on Battleworld, Colossus tells Wolverine of his fear that their backgrounds are too different for them to be compatible as a couple.
  • James Rhodes is amazed by the power of the Iron Man armor that Reed Richards unlocks. While Rhodes has been doing his best to substitute for the alcoholic Tony Stark, and his scientist friend Morley Erwin on Earth has been providing technical support, neither fully understands how the armor works. Reed is the first person Rhodes has met since donning the armor in Iron Man #169 who can comprehend Stark's technology, although even he is impressed by the armor's sophistication.
  • Rogue thinks that "not so long ago" she would be on Doom's side. Rogue is referring to her tenure with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from Avengers Annual #10 to her joining the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #171.
  • Ben Grimm changes back into his Thing form after reverting to his human form in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #2. He learns that he can change back and forth at will by Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #9. While Ben believes that he has gained this ability from Battleworld itself, Reed has theorized as early as Fantastic Four #245 that Ben has always had this ability, but a psychological block has prevented him from doing so in the past.

Chronology Notes[]

Events in this story happen behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:

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