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Synopsis for "The Battle of the Four Armies!"

Mister Fantastic's worse fears have been realized: trapped on Battleworld by the Beyonder, Galactus has summoned his worldship so that he can consume this patchwork world and sate his hunger. Although this is awesome sight, the assembled heroes try to figure out what to do next. The healer named Zsaji is in a panic, so the Human Torch tries to calm her down, however there is a language barrier between the two of them. In order to break past them, Zsaji takes Johnny to her home where she opens a bottle containing a strange gas that allows them to meld minds so Johnny can tell her what's going on. He recounts how they were gathered by the Beyonder to battle to the death and obtain their heart's desire, leading to a clash with super-villains being led by Doctor Doom, this resulted in the injuries the heroes sustained before seeking Zsaji's help.

Elsewhere, the X-Man known as Colossus tries to sleep but cannot help but think about his girlfriend Kitty Pryde whom he left at home. His thoughts about her are quickly cut off by the telepathic summons of Professor X. Colossus joins the rest of the X-Men in meeting with Xavier and Magneto. With the threat of Galactus becoming apparent, Magneto orders the X-Men to attack him in order to distract the world devourer long enough for Magneto and Xavier to take a more subtle attack. When Wolverine balks at taking orders from Magneto, the Professor tells his team to follow Magneto's orders. Meanwhile, the Molecule Man and Volcano are bonding and growing closer together. As they walk past the Wrecking Crew and the Absorbing Man, Pile Driver decides to pick on the Molecule Man. When none of his friends back him up in bullying the Molecule Man, Pile Driver learns why that it is not a good idea to make him angry: Owen Reece channels his powers to change Pile Driver's costume into into an ultra hard metal causing him to fall over. Adding insult to injury, Pile Driver has his face pushed into the mud by Volcana and they leave him to be ripped out of his costume by the others. As the others just begin to notice Galactus' worldship hovering over Battleworld, Doctor Doom has long since been aware of its arrival and is busy working on a plan to use this to his advantage. His work is interrupted by the Enchantress who tries to seduce Doom by offering to repair the damage done to his face. Doom resists her offers and tells her to begone. Frustrated by being rejected by a mere mortal, the Enchantress teleports away.

As Magneto and Xavier channel their powers together to try and establish telepathic contact with Galactus, the heroes gathered at the base of his mountain decide what to do next. Mister Fantastic figures he can try to reach out to Galactus as he had recently saved the world devourer's life. However neither ploy works, and Galactus rebuffs telepathic contact and causes a section of Magneto's base to explode while also blasting Reed aside. Seeing the heroes as pests, Galactus unleashes a robot to keep them busy while he begins forming the device he needs to consume Battleworld. Although the heroes manage to destroy the robot set upon them, they are suddenly attacked by Doctor Doom's villains. While the battle rages, Doom watches from a distance. When it appears that his minions are going to succeed, the heroes are saved thank to the timely intervention of the X-Men. The sheer force of the battle is enough to temporarily distract Galactus from his work and while the world devourer's head is turned, Doctor Doom quickly pilots his ship in to the Worldship of Galactus. Doom's minions are forced to flee, but not before seriously wounding Colossus. With the battle over the X-Men pull back but are forced to leave their comrade behind. Although Wolverine protests this, Xavier points out that Colossus' injuries were serious enough that to move him would have killed him and that the heroes have a healer on their side who can save his life.

In the aftermath of the battle, the heroes find Colossus and see that he needs medical attention. When they get Zsaji to heal him, Colossus is taken by how beautiful she is and grows instantly jealous that she happens to be interested in the Human Torch. Colossus then pretends to be in even more pain in order to get more of her healing touch. Meanwhile, as Mister Fantastic and Captain America fear the worst about Galactus, they are unaware that Doctor Doom has gained access to his ship. From within, Doom hopes to find the tools he needs to defeat both Galactus and then the Beyonder. Suddenly his attention is drawn toward something of great interest on one of the walls of the ship.

Solicit Synopsis

Four mighty teams of super champions! Fighting Galactus - and fighting each other! Meanwhile, Doctor Doom waits in the wings - and what he plans to do is anyone's guess! Not enough? The Human Torch falls in love - and wait'll you see with whom! "Battle of the Four Armies" will turn the Marvel Universe on its head!


Continuity Notes

  • Colossus is lamenting about his girlfriend Kitty Pryde who is stuck on Earth. The couple started a relationship during the events of Uncanny X-Men #160166.
  • The Enchantress offers to heal Doom's face. Doom's face was scarred during a lab explosion while he was in college, as first revealed in Fantastic Four #5.
  • Magneto is shown being able to communicate telepathically. As first seen in X-Men #4, Magneto can display limited telepathic ability by turning his magnetic powers upon his brain.
  • Mister Fantastic mentions how he recently saved the life of Galactus. This is when Galactus failed to consume the Earth in Fantastic Four #243244. Reed built a device that temporarily recharged Galactus enough to allow him to seek out another world to eat.

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