Quote1.png Listen carefully, Wolverine--! If you want to be on our side, you don't kill! Take a life, anyone's life, under any circumstances... And from that moment on, you are the enemy! Clear? Quote2.png
-- Cyclops

Appearing in "A Little Death..."

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  • Galactus' Worldship
  • The Wasp's stolen alien craft (Destroyed)
  • The Villains' alien craft
  • The X-Men's alien craft
  • The Wrecking Crew's alien tank

Synopsis for "A Little Death..."

After trying to escape the X-Men, the Wasp finds herself trying to get her escape ship under control. Unable to figure out the strange controls, the Wasp ends up crashing the ship. Unsure of where to go, she finds a holographic projector that shows her a nearby dome and she decides to shrink down to wasp size to try and locate it. On her way out, she turns and uses one of her bio-stings to destroy the ship. Flying into a nearby swamp she fights off some aggressive insects and finds the dome that the ship showed her earlier. Returning to human size the Wasp figures out what to do next when she is suddenly attacked by the Lizard. Meanwhile, aboard the Worldship of Galactus, Doctor Doom uses a device there to draw a strange energy he detected within the walls of the ship. To his surprise this energy reforms into Klaw, the so-called master of sound. Much to Doom's dismay, Klaw's mind has been affected by the ordeal, but Doom learns that Klaw got trapped during a battle with Dazzler. The mutant used her powers to convert his sound form into light energy that she then absorbed into her body. Later when she was abducted by Galactus, she used that energy to try and attack him, but the energy did nothing and Klaw's form became trapped in the wall. Finding Klaw of no use to him, Doom then continues to find something that will help him stop Galactus and then the Beyonder. Finding a control monitor, Doom views the events on Battleworld. He sees the gathered heroes regrouping after their battle with his minions who have now fled back to Doombase while Galactus himself continues to prepare the device that will help him consume Battleworld. Doom quickly formulates a plan to spoil Galactus' plan and uses a teleporter to send Klaw down to the planet to deliver a message to his minions.

When Klaw materializes in Doombase, he recites a code word that convinces Ultron that he was sent by their mutual master, prompting the gathered villains to listen to what Klaw has to say. Back in the swamp, the Wasp realizes that the Lizard has attacked her out of fear due to the fact that he has been injured. Convincing the Lizard that she means no harm, the Wasp manages to get close enough to him to treat his wound. While back at Magneto's base, the X-Men have returned to salvage what they can after it was blasted by Galactus. Feeling weak, Xavier decides to take a moment to rest. He then reaches out with his mind telepathically to see what the villains are up to. Before the Enchantress detects his presence and uses her magic to block him out, Xavier learns how the villains are planning to cause a volcanic eruption on the other side of the planet and summons his X-Men to venture out and stop them. When he puts Cyclops in charge this angers Storm as she is the leader of the X-Men. But when she confronts Charles with this, he warns her that if she refuses to follow his orders he will not be against using his mental powers to force her to follow his bidding. Storm concedes but still believes that he is leading the X-Men into defeat.

Meanwhile, at the heroes camp in the alien village, Colossus continues to recover from the injuries he incurred in the last battle. He finds himself torn between his feelings for his girlfriend Kitty Pryde back home and these new feelings he has for Zsaji the alien healer who saved his life. When she comes to heal him again he tries to open up his feelings for her, but the language barrier prevents her from doing so. When she goes to depart, she is picked up by the Human Torch who does some areal tricks with her before kissing her and taking her away, making Colossus grow even more jealous. Elsewhere Captain America is planning strategies with Mister Fantastic, the Hulk, the Thing and She-Hulk. When She-Hulk demands that they go looking for the Wasp, who is still missing, Cap assures her that Captain Marvel is searching for them. All this talk begins to get on the Hulk's nerves who demands that they go out and smash their enemies. Not far away, Hawkeye is preparing some traditional arrows after the last of his trick arrows were used to boost Iron Man's armor. Iron Man meanwhile tries to hit on Captain Marvel, who is uninterested and confused -- unaware that the man inside the armor is not the Iron Man she has previously known. For himself, James Rhodes wonders what has come over him and complains about his head hurting, which has been happening a lot recently since he took over the mantle of Iron Man.

At that moment the X-Men attack the villains at the volcano in an attempt to foil their plans. During the ensuing battle, Wolverine manages to get close enough to the Molecule Man to slash him across the chest with his Adamantium claws, although Cyclops blasts Wolverine's arm to prevent him from striking a fatal blow. Although the villains retreat with their injured comrade, the X-Men were too late to stop them from their appointed task and are forced to flee themselves when the volcanoes begin to erupt. While back at the swamp the Wasp finishes binding the Lizard's wounds when she is suddenly shot through the chest with a laser beam fired by a massive vehicle piloted by the Wrecking Crew. When the Lizard tries to attack them, they immobilize the creature with a stasis beam and take the two prisoners even though they believe the Wasp is dead. Back at the Heroes camp, things appear even grimmer when they see that Galactus is almost completed his planet-devouring device. As they contemplate what to do next they are unaware that a shadowy figure is observing their movements.

Solicit Synopsis

See the Wasp go up against the Lizard... and see her die! But it isn't the Lizard who kills her! Could it be one of Doom's squadrons of villains employed to distract Galactus?... or the X-Men?


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